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GAR Arbitration Costs Compared:

CRCICA the Most Cost-Effective

In September 2018, GAR re-published “Arbitration costs compared”, a survey comparing the costs of 18 major arbitral institutions prepared by a team led by Louis Flannery, Head of International arbitration at Stephenson Harwood.

In this survey, CRCICA is the only representative of Africa and one of only two arbitration centres representing the MENA Region out of 18 major arbitration institutions from all over the world.

According to the study, CRCICA costs are the cheapest in case of one arbitrator and among the three most affordable in case of three arbitrators until the dispute amount of US$ 1 million. This important finding renders CRCICA among the most suitable arbitration institutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As of the amount of US$ 5 million and beyond, CRCICA’s arbitration costs slightly fluctuate within the middle level. This is also the case for cases where the amount in dispute exceeds one billion USD thereby ensuring adequate fees for high profile arbitrators which are appointed in such cases.

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