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CRCICA Mediation Rules: New Success Story

The second quarter of 2019 witnessed the signing of a settlement agreement following a mediation conducted in accordance with CRCICA Mediation Rules. The mediation was requested by a German Company and an Egyptian manufacturer related to a dispute arising out of a contract for technical consultancy concluded between them. The mediation was brought under a multi-tier dispute resolution clause providing for mediation according to CRCICA mediation Rules, then, in case the dispute was not settled through mediation, arbitration under CRCICA Arbitration Rules. Upon the Parties’ request, CRCICA appointed a sole mediator from its list of accredited mediators. The mediator held a one-day session and a number of open sessions and closed meetings with the Parties at CRCICA premises. The dispute was successfully settled by an agreement reached at the end of the day with the help of the mediator and signed by the Parties in June 2019.”

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