«CRCICA: An Efficient Arbitral Justice System» in the Special Issue of the Journal of the African Academy of the Practice of International Law

In June 2020, CRCICA contributed to the special issue of the Journal of the African Academy of the Practice of International Law: The Compass of the Possible in the Face of the COVID-19 with an article titled: “CRCICA: An Efficient Arbitral Justice System” (Le CRCICA: une justice arbitrale efficace). The article was written by Dr Ismail Selim, Director of CRCICA, Ms. Malak Lofti, Case Manager, and Ms. Lobna Ghaly, Case Manager. 

The article focused on the impact of the spread of COVID-19 on arbitration proceedings and gave a brief overview on arbitration under CRCICA Rules. It discussed the various measures implemented by CRCICA to ensure the safety of its users and staff and to avoid disruptions of arbitral proceedings. The article highlighted CRCICA’s promotion of digital communications and submissions, along with its experience with a variety of virtual hearing configurations. It concluded with a brief rundown of the measures taken by other leading arbitral institutions around the world and praised the Africa Arbitration Academy’s Protocol on Virtual Hearings in Africa.

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