My WFH Routine – Enterprise Interview with Dr. Ismail Selim

On 11 June 2020, Enterprise published an interview with CRCICA’s Director Dr. Ismail Selim, within a regular series titled “My WFH Routine”. The interview focused on the influence of the COVID19 on CRCICA’s Director working day and how he managed to work remotely. Dr. Selim stated that “the covid-19 crisis has actually allowed us to highlight the value of arbitration”. During the period where state courts were closed, he added, hearings at CRCICA were conducted virtually and efficiently without undue delay in the arbitration procedures. He also stressed on the reasonable costs of arbitration under CRCICA Rules.

Dr. Selim expected that many disputes will arise out of the COVID-19 crisis because of the failure of some business parties to fulfil their contractual obligations. He concluded by affirming CRCICA’s support and commitment to provide effective dispute resolution through virtual services for arbitration and mediation. Click here for a full copy of the article.

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