Marie-Ann Bryon

Starting from August till end of September 2020, Marie-Ann Bryon joined the CRCICA’s Internship Program. Marie-Ann is a Franco-German graduate in International and European Business Law (with a focus on international arbitration) at the institute for international business law (IDAI Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne). During her internship, she became acquainted with the CRCICA Arbitration Rules and many other rules of leading arbitral institutions as she was in charge of producing several comparative studies of those rules. Marie-Ann also attended hearings, acquainted with CRCICA’s case management, and produced several translations in French. For Marie-Ann, this internship made it possible to “experience the practical aspects of international arbitration and to get familiar with the reality of arbitration”. She added “it was interesting to see how many efforts were successfully made by the CRCICA as a regional institution to stay attractive and competitive in regard to the biggest international arbitral institutions”.

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