China Arbitration Summit 2020: Work Together, Win Together — Global Innovation and Development of Dispute Resolution in Face of COVID-19

On 22 September 2020, CRCICA was a supporting organization and was represented by Dr. Ismail Selim at the China Arbitration Summit 2020 on: Work Together, Win Together — Global innovation and Development of Dispute Resolution in Face of COVID-19. The Summit, the most important and influential arbitration event and highest-level gathering of China’s arbitration community, was conducted online. The Summit was cohosted and supported by international dispute resolution institutions and international organizations from nearly 20 countries and regions.

Comprised of three sessions, the Agenda focused on: ‘New Situations and New Challenges in International Dispute Resolution’, ”Belt & Road’ International Arbitration Cooperation” and COVID-19 Response’, and ‘Virtual Hearings as Innovative Practice in Arbitration’. The pre-recorded speech of Dr. Selim emphasized the measures tailored by CRCICA in response to the COVID-19 to balance safety concerns, and its efforts in encouraging users (arbitrators, parties and counsels alike) to privilege electronic means, both for hearings and submissions. The speech was broadcasted at Session II, moderated by Shan Wenhua, ICSID Conciliator and Dean of School of Law at Xi’ an Jiaotong University. Dr. Selim

It is worth noting that Dr. Selim contributed to the China Arbitration Summit and other significant arbitration events in November 2019. For more information please visit https://crcica.org/news/2019/11/02/china-arbitration-week-china-arbitration-summit-beijing-china/

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