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Quarterly Meeting of CRCICA’s Advisory Committee Meeting

On 3 February 2021, CRCICA’s Advisory Committee’s first quarterly meeting in 2021 was held virtually via Zoom. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Philippe Leboulanger and attended by Ms. Aisha Naddar (Sweden-Egypt), Mr. Craig Tevendale (UK), Mr. Dany Khayat (France – Lebanon), Prof. Emilia Onyema (Britain – Nigeria), Dr. Karim Youssef (Egypt), Mr. Lijun CAO (China), Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Raouf (Egypt), Prof. Dr. Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab (Egypt), Prof. Nassib Ziadé (Bahrain – Lebanon), Rabab Yasseen (Switzerland – Iraq), and Ms. Samaa Haridi (USA – Egypt).

On behalf of CRCICA, Dr. Ismail Selim and Dr. Dalia Hussein attended the meeting.

At the onset of the meeting, members of the Advisory Committee stood a minute of silence in the memory of Counselor Dr. Borhan Amrallah, late Chairperson of the Advisory Committee. During the meeting, the Advisory Committee members elected Mr. Leboulanger to be the Chairman of the Advisory Committee, Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab and Ms. Yasseen to be Vice Chairpersons according to Article 1.2 of the Advisory Committee’s By-Laws.

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