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Dr. Mohamed Hafez, Counsel and Legal advisor to the Director of CRCICA contributes with a chapter in the GAR.

Dr. Mohamed Hafez, Counsel and Legal Advisor to the Director of CRCICA, has contributed with a chapter on “Remote Hearings and the Use of Technology in Arbitration” on behalf of CRCICA in the Global Arbitration Review Special Report edition “The Middle Eastern and African Arbitration Review 2021”.

The Chapter highlights how technology paves the way for arbitration through analyzing the inclination of the arbitration users and community towards the usage of video conferencing. Further, it provides some impressive practical tips and recommendations in relation to organizing remote hearings, and concludes the advantages of such practice with a focus on CRCICA’s hearing facilities and steps for holding hearings via videoconference at its premises.

Accreditation: An extract from the 2021 edition of GAR’s The Middle Eastern and African Arbitration Review, first published in May 2021. The whole publication is available at https://globalarbitrationreview.com/review/the-middle-eastern-and-african-arbitration-review/2021

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