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“Interview the Institution” Series: Participation of the Director of CRCICA to the Rising Arbitrators Initiative (RAI)

In the frame of the RAI Institution Series, the Rising Arbitrators Initiative interviews key officers of arbitral institutions, and recently had Dr. Ismail Selim, Director of CRCICA, participate in an interview where he talked about the appointment process of arbitrators at CRCICA, and the institution’s practice and engagements, in providing maximum diversity, in terms of nationality, sex and age of the arbitrators, as part of the Pledge for Diversity in Arbitration, signed previously by the Centre.

The Director talked about the Centre’s Rules and appointing process, and gave key insights to young practitioners around the world wishing to practice and exercise as arbitrators. The Rising Arbitrators Initiative is one aiming at giving these young practitioners the tools to successfully operate in the field of international commercial arbitration and the adjudication of disputes everywhere.

Watch the full interview by clicking the link below:


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