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Egypt Branch Activities Featured on the CIArb ESolver

The October 2021 edition of the CIArb eSolver posted a video covering the activities and news of the Egypt Branch during the second and third quarters.  The video highlighted the Branch unprecedented events during that period including the first joint CIArb Egypt-CIArb London Webinar, the first Joint CIArb Egypt-CIArb London Young Member Group (YMG) Webinar, and the first CIArb Egypt Workshop in Arabic on Witness Cross-Examination. The Branch new social media developments were also covered. .

esolver October Edition: https://ciarb.org/?dm_i=76JV,1MF1,VZVNE,5RU3,1

To watch the video please click here : https://www.ciarb.org/news/catch-up-on-ciarb-egypt-branch-events/?dm_i=76JV,1MF1,VZVNE,5RU4,1

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