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Profile of a Branch Committee Member Featured on the CIArb ESolver

The November 2021 edition of the CIArb eSolver featured the profile of the Branch YMG Representative Ms. Natasha Shiraz (FCIArb), Legal Director, Corporate Legal Department at Orascom Construction.  The profile included information about the experience of Ms. Shirazi in the ADR field and how CIArb membership benefited her career. Recent developments of the Egypt Branch devoted to young members were also highlighted, especially the launch of the Mentoring Programme and the YMG.

Commenting on the best thing about being a Member/Fellow of the CIArb Ms. Shirazi stated: “One unique aspect of being a Fellow of the CIArb, and being a member of the Egypt Branch, is the opportunity to interact with ADR professionals who are not lawyers.  In our Egypt Branch, the majority of CIArb members are in fact engineers. As a lawyer, I find this diversity to be enriching to my own experience”.

To see the profile please click here: https://ciarb.org/membership/member-profiles/natasha-shirazi-fciarb/?dm_i=76JV,1WI0,W038O,6ZZU,1

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