Series of Conferences

SHARM EL SHEIKH Series of Conferences is the WORLD’s SOLE Biennial Event on “The Role of State Courts in International Arbitration” known to have established a permanent venue for practitioners from all over the world for the exchange of expert views on the diverse relationship between state courts and arbitration in a cross-cultural context.

Since 2005, SHARM ELSHEIKH Conferences have been organized in cooperation with the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), the International Federation of Commercial Arbitration Institutions (IFCAI) and the Arab Union for International Arbitration (AUIA).

The idea of SHARM ELSHEIKH Conferences first blinked in the CRCICA/UNCITRAL Regional Judicial Colloquium held in Cairo in 2002. Upon the unique success of the widely attended Colloquium, the UNCITRAL encouraged CRCICA to keep up the tradition of holding similar events as an academic follow up on this important topic.


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