While the Centre was initially established as an arbitral institution, it soon branched out into other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms. In 1990, CRCICA issued the first version of its Mediation Rules. Taking a cue from the business and investment communities’ increased awareness of ADR mechanisms and their interest in avoiding or resolving disputes through mediation and other amicable means, CRCICA set-up the Mediation and ADR Centre as a branch and affiliate in 2001. CRCICA then issued an amended version of its Mediation Rules, a verbatim adoption of the UNCITRAL Conciliation Rules of 1980, while maintaining the option for parties to amend these rules or agree on the application of any other rules. In addition to mediation, the Mediation and ADR Centre administered proceedings applying other ADR mechanisms, such as technical expertise, mini-trials and claim review boards.

The Centre eventually re-absorbed its Mediation and ADR Centre and issued a new version of its Mediation Rules in 2013, currently in force. The new rules align with modern developments in mediation, and was developed in collaboration with International Finance Corporation, the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution and a distinguished group of practitioners.

Most recently, responding to the increasing demand of the construction industry, CRCICA issued Dispute Board (DB) Rules in 2021. The drafting of these DB Rules relied on the guidance provided by existing institutional rules as well as the comprehensive input and invaluable commentary of eminent local and international experts in the fields of construction and dispute.