Arbitration Caseload

A pioneer in the region that has influenced the uptake of arbitration in MENA and Africa, CRCICA has cemented its status as a major arbitration centre with its steady experience and first-class service. With its first arbitration case registered in 1984, CRCICA’s caseload has expanded exponentially reaching over 1600 registered arbitration cases, whether institutional or ad hoc, covering the full spectrum of commercial and economic activities on local, regional and international levels. 

For the years 2012 to 2021, CRCICA registered 743 cases: 646 institutional cases (i.e. 87%) and 97 ad hoc proceedings (i.e. 13%).

More specifically, please see below for the years 2017-2021:

YearTotal No. of Cases
Type of Case in No.s Type of Case by Percentage
  Institutionalad hoc Institutionalad hoc
2017655510 85%15%
2018776512 84.5%15.5%
201982757 91.5%8.5%
202067625 92.5%7.5%
2021836617 80%20%


Parties to CRCICA arbitrations and arbitrators appointed in CRCICA administered cases come from more than 50 countries all over the globe. CRCICA has wide experience managing purely local disputes where all parties and arbitrators are Egyptian; cases with an international element; as well as purely international cases where none of the parties or the contract in dispute has a link to Egypt.

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Between the years 2017 and 2021, more than 100 non-Egyptian arbitrators were appointed in CRCICA arbitration cases from Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Cameroon, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, Spain, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.