CIArb Egypt Branch

On 5 February 1999, the Cairo branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), UK was established as the first ever CIArb Branch in the region and the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA) was announced as its seat. In July 2018, the updated Branch Model Rules named the Branch “the Egypt Branch”.

As of 1999, the Cairo Branch, in collaboration with CRCICA, held regular courses leading to the CIArb membership. Around one third of CIARrb members at that time were Arab members from outside Egypt.

The Egypt Branch Mission and Objectives

The CIArb Egypt Branch aims at promoting and representing the CIArb and its services, and encouraging the use of out-of-court dispute settlement mechanisms in Egypt and throughout the MENA region.

The Branch acts as the focal point for its members and arbitration/ADR users, within its geographical region, through providing a wider knowledge of the law and practice of arbitration and ADR, arranging various types of activities and conducting arbitration and ADR training courses.

The Egypt Branch Structure

The Branch is composed of CIArb members divided into Associates (ACIArb), Members (MCIArb) and Fellows (FCIArb). In addition to a free Students’ Membership for academic students during their enrollment in a university or other higher education institute.

The majority of the Egypt Branch members (67.2%) are young members below 40 years. About a quarter of members are females. The Global Directory of Branch members reflects diversity, inclusion and it comprises a variety of business sectors and professional expertise.

Branch Annual General Members Meeting (AGM)

All Branch members are part of the Annual General Meeting which convenes once a year.

Branch Committee

The AGM elects the members of the Committee. The Committee’s members elect a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, an Honorary Treasurer and an Honorary Secretary. The Committee also has a membership development officer, a training and education officer, and data manager. The Patron of the Egypt Branch is Mr. Taher Hozayen.

CIArb Egypt Branch Committee Members
  • Mohamed Abdel Raouf
    Branch Chairman
  • Waleed El Nemr
    Branch Vice Chairman
  • Dalia Hussein
    Branch Secretary
  • Ismail Selim
    Branch Treasurer, Branch Vice Chairman
  • Ahmed Waly
    Branch Committee Member
  • Ahmed Afifi
    Branch Committee Member
  • Mohamed Amr Hassanein
    Branch Committee Member
  • Mohamed El-Hendy
    Branch Committee Member
  • Natasha Shirazi
    Branch Committee Member
  • Salwa Fawzy
    Branch Committee Member
  • Mahmoud El-Saadany
    Branch Committee Member
  • Mohamed Hafez
    Branch Committee Member
  • Omar Ibrahim
    Branch Committee Member
  • Amb. Mohamed M. Kamal
    Branch Committee Member
  • Mohamed Abdel Wahab
    C.Arb, FCIArb
  • Taher Hozayen
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Activities and Initiatives of the Egypt Branch

Since its establishment, the branch organizes seminars, conferences, and training courses, for its members and for the arbitration community in Egypt and the region. The majority of these events are co-organized with CRCICA, as the seat of the Branch. Also, the Egypt Branch cooperates with other institutions and other CIArb Branches to organize seminars and training courses. The Branch regularly supports important international arbitration events. For more details and for the Branch event calendar, click here.

Below are the most important events organized regularly:

The Wednesday-Ones Seminars

Monthly seminars where the Branch invites one speaker (or speakers) to discuss topics related to arbitration, ADR and general legal areas of interest. The seminars are open to be attended by members and non-members.

Comparative Commercial Arbitration: Theory and Practice Course (CCATP)

The Branch contributes in the organization of the Comparative Commercial Arbitration Course (CCATP), mainly organized and hosted by CRCICA in its capacity as a CIArb Recognized Course Provider. The course is taught, in the Arabic language, through interactive sessions during 5 days. Candidates are expected to pass a 4-hour written examination. Successful candidates become eligible to apply for the Member grade (MCIArb) of the CIArb membership.

Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring Programme was launched by the Branch in September 2020 as the first programme initiated by a CIArb Branch in the region. The first One-Year cycle of the Programme started in mid-March 2021. The Programme provides young Branch members, under the age of 40, with career guidance and arbitration/ADR practical knowledge through learning from the experience of more senior members of the arbitration community. Young CIArb Members, under the age of 40, may apply to participate in the Mentoring Programme at the start of each new cycle. For more details, please click here

The Branch YMG

The Branch YMG presents new opportunities and activities for Branch young Members under 40 years to connect and benefit from activities provided by the Egypt Branch and other CIArb Branches. For more details: click here

How to become a Member

In addition to passing successfully the course on Comparative Commercial Arbitration: Theory and Practice, delivered by CRCICA as a CIArb Recognised Course Provider in collaboration with Egypt Branch, there are two paths to achieve the CIArb Membership: (1) Demonstration of professional experience commensurate with the knowledge and skills required (2) Completing other training courses qualifying for the chosen type of membership. For more information, please click here

For paying the CIArb membership for “Comparative Commercial Arbitration, Theory and Practice (CCATP) qualifying course and exam, please click here

Egypt Branch Media Platform

Egypt Branch Webpage on the CIArb Website

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Egypt Branch LinkedIn Page

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Egypt Branch YouTube Channel

The Branch YouTube channel posts videos of events, trainings, webinars and more.

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CIArb Online Global Directory

The online global Directory of CIArb members enables users to upload and update their profile to be visible and shared with the arbitration community.

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