Conference Centre

CRCICA regularly holds conferences, events and trainings in its conference auditorium named “Dr. Esmat Abdel Meguid Auditorium” located on the third floor in CRCICA’s headquarters.


Total Space 130 m2
Capacity 151 pax
Functions Conferences, Video Recording, MP3 Audio Recording
Room Type Conference Centre
Structure Theatre style seating
  • Up to 151 persons. a 5-seat podium plus one-stand alone podium
  • Simultaneous interpretation support up to 2 languages
  • 3 X 75” Full HD Large Format LED Display on both sides of the room.
  • Digital discussion system.
  • Voice Recording in WAV & MP3 to Compact Flash, SD/SHC and USB memory.
  • Video Recording in SSD
  • Offering a discreet way to access cables and connection points to display content with HDMI Cable and VGA and also power outlets.
  • Wi-Fi and wired network connection to the internet.
Technical features The room is equipped with high-tech equipment for the smooth functioning of events; this includes 3 built-in screen 75” with immersive viewing experience and 3 lingual simultaneous translation equipment, 2 high-definition remotely operated ceiling mount cameras recording automatically and video conference features.
In-hall services The room is privileged with a terrace overview of the historical Aquarium Grotto Garden and a side Nile View.