CRCICA Arbitral Awards

CRCICA arbitral awards are regularly published to guide users in applying its Arbitration Rules, while maintaining the confidentiality of these awards.

CRCICA awards can be found in several reputable publications such as Kluwer Arbitration (e.g. the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) Yearbook Commercial Arbitration 2021- Volume XLVI., the International Journal of Arab Arbitration, CRCICA’s self-published Collection of Awards, of which there are currently 8 volumes, and others.

These CRCICA arbitral awards are considered amongst the best awards in the world issued by an arbitral institution in amounts surpassing billions of USD. Not to mention that such awards include some of the highest calibers of arbitrators showing the prominent place that CRCICA has achieved, as an arbitral institution, in the global arbitration scene since it came to exist for over four decades ago.

CRCICA English Awards

CRCICA Arabic Awards