Optional Services for Dispute Boards

CRCICA provides the following services for Dispute Board, according to Article 18 of the CRCICA Dispute Board Rules, upon the Parties or the DB member request:

  1. Providing the Parties with the DB Member Agreement.
  2. Maintenance of a file of written communications (correspondences and submissions) in addition to facilitating communication between the Parties and/or the DB Members;
  3. Providing necessary practical arrangements for meetings and hearings at the Centre’s premises or at one of its alternative hearing centres, including:
    1. Assisting the DB Member(s) in establishing the date, time and place of any hearing(s);
    2. Arranging meeting rooms for hearing(s) or deliberations of the DB Members as well as breakout rooms;
    3. Arranging telephone conferencing and videoconferencing facilities;
    4. Arranging secretarial or clerical assistance;
    5. Making available or arranging for interpretation services;
    6. Making arrangements for recording services;
    7. Facilitating entry visas to the Centre’s host state, if possible and when required; and
    8. Arranging accommodation for Parties and DB Member(s), with special rates where possible.
  4. Providing fund-holding services, especially through holding the Parties’ deposits and disbursing DB Member(s)’ fees and expenses;
  5. Ensuring that procedurally important dates are followed and advising DB Member(s) and the Parties when these dates are not adhered to;
  6. Providing secretarial or clerical assistance in other respects; and
  7. Carrying out any other practicable tasks entrusted to the Centre by the Parties and/or the DB Member(s), such as serving communications, notifications and submissions.