Panel of Mediators

CRCICA Panel of Mediators

CRCICA’s Panel of Mediators includes experienced accredited mediators with various professional backgrounds, which allow the parties a wide range of freedom for the selection of their mediators or neutrals according to the nature of the dispute. The parties are not obliged to appoint their mediators or neutrals from amongst this Panel. However, the Centre is bound to appoint from amongst this Panel when exercising its role as an appointing authority under the CRCICA Mediation Rules.

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Guidelines for Renewal in CRCICA’s Panel of Mediators

The registration in the Panel is valid for only five years. Mediators wishing to keep their registration in the Panel must meet the following requirements, as they maybe revised, within five years of registration:

  • Exhibit sufficient practice experience by showing that they have conducted at least 25 hours of mediation, co-mediation (in total duration) within the two-year cycle; or
  • Have completed at least 20 hours of continuing professional development in every five year cycle that can be made as follows:
    • Attendance of educational programs, seminars or workshops on mediation or related skill areas (up to 20 hours);
    • Presentations at mediation or ADR seminars or workshops including two hours of preparation time for each hour delivered (up to 16 hours);
    • Representing clients in four mediations (up to a maximum of 8 hours);
    • Coaching, instructing or mentoring of trainee and/or less experienced mediators (up to 10 hours);
    • Role playing for trainee mediators and candidates for mediation assessment or observing mediations (up to 8 hours); or
    • Mentoring of less experienced mediators and enabling observational opportunities (up to 10 hours).