Khaled Osman
Khaled M. Osman

Associate Director & Head of Dispute Management Department

Mr. Khaled M. Osman joined CRCICA in December 1989 as a researcher and legal translator. Later he joined the CRCICA Dispute Management Department (the Department) and then took office as the Head of Department in 2004. Also, he has been appointed as Associate Director in September 2017.

Mr. Osman’s role involves both technical and administrative tasks including reviewing and processing of notices of arbitration, registration of new cases, requests for appointment of arbitrators according to the CRCICA Arbitration Rules, communicating with parties and arbitral tribunals concerning all aspects of case supervision and management, as well as monitoring the financial and procedural aspects of the arbitrations handled by the Department.

Mr. Osman researches and evaluates different risk factors regarding dispute management operations. He also responds to the parties’ and arbitrators’ queries regarding the application of the CRCICA Arbitration Rules.  Concurrently, he monitors staff performance to ensure operational efficiency and uniformity in order to control service quality. He also explores future institutional dispute management potentials. 

The GAR Guide to Regional Arbitration Middle East & Africa acknowledged the Department as one of CRCICA’s main pillars of success, recognizing it as “a dedicated dispute management department.

Mr. Osman is fluent in Arabic and English.