Mr. Taher Hozayen

Mr. Taher Hozayen is a member of the Egyptian Bar, IBA, a Fellow of CIArb and a former MP. He is the founder and senior partner, but not the manager, of Mackean Law Firm, a firm based in Alexandria, exercising international business law, legal and business advice, contract drafting and litigation.

Mr. Hozayen has practised arbitration for almost three decades. During this period, he handled about fifty arbitration cases, in which he rose to the panel or stood before it. His arbitration practice developed gradually with the passage of time until he chaired the Cairo branch of CIArb (currently the Egypt branch) and eventually ascended the position of the branch’s Patron.

Mr. Hozayen is currently involved in studying usury. Usury often confronts arbitral panels. In-depth research on usury would inevitably lead to a comprehensive inquiry into the Islamic economic system. Though an economic system is a political issue, under Sharia law, it’s legal.

Mr. Hozayen graduated from the Faculty of Law, Cairo University. He has a Diploma in Maritime Law and another in Marine Insurance from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Alexandria. He acquired a Master’s Degree from the University of Salford, Manchester, UK.