Advisory Committee Third Quarterly Meeting

On 22 July 2019, CRCICA Advisory Committee (AC) held its third quarterly meeting in 2019. The meeting was chaired by Counsellor Amin ELMAHDI and was attended from Egypt by Coun. Dr. Borhan AMRALLAH, Dr. Ismail Selim (CRCICA Director), Prof. Dr. Mohamed ABDEL RAOUF. Other members participated by a conference call: Mr. Ahmed OUERFELLI (Tunisia), Mr. Craig TEVENDALE (UK), Dr. Emilia ONYEMA (UK- Nigeria), Mr. Lijun CAO (China), Prof. Dr. Mohamed S. ABDEL WAHAB (Egypt), Prof. Nassib ZIADE (Bahrain- Lebanon), Prof. Dr. Philippe LEBOULANGER (France), Ms. Rabab YASSEEN (Switzerland - Iraq), and Ms. Samaa HARIDI (USA-Egypt). Dr. Dalia Hussein, CRCICA Deputy Director, was also in attendance. Among other agenda items related to the Centre’s caseload, AC members approved the Minutes of the last AC meeting held on 21 April 2019 and discussed issues requested, according to its rules, by claimants of cases administered under CRCICA Rules. The Fourth 2019 meeting was scheduled for 12 December 2019

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