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The total number of cases filed before CRCICA until 30 September 2018 reached 1274 cases. In the third quarter of 2018, 13 new cases were filed compared to 12 new cases filed in the third quarter of 2017.

The Centre’s caseload in the third quarter of 2018 involved disputes related to Media and Entertainment, Hotel Management, Construction, Agriculture, Real Estate Development as well as a Share Purchase Agreement, a Purchase and Lease back agreement, Lease Agreements and an agency agreement. The third quarter also witnessed the filing of a purely international case, between Sudanese and Saudi Arabian Parties. The seat of the proceedings was located in Sudan and the applicable law was also Sudanese law.


Two cases related to disputes in the field of media and entertainment. Both cases involved a reputable Egyptian company specialized in media production and two Egyptian TV show presenters.

Two cases related to hotel management agreements. The first case related to a dispute arising from an amicable agreement to terminate a hotel management agreement between three well-known Egyptian tourism companies in the Red Sea Governorate. The second case related to the assignment of the management of a hotel made between the Egyptian company owner of the hotel and the Egyptian managing company.

Two cases related to lease agreements of hotels located in South Sinai between Egyptian companies.

One case involved a construction agreement between an Egyptian contracting company and a Saudi Arabian owner company.

One case involved a contract for civil works related to the optimization of production lines and energy accessibility in a cement plant between two notable Egyptian companies.

One case involved an agriculture agreement between a Sudanese company and investors from Saudi Arabia.

One case involved a share purchase agreement concluded between Egyptian nationals and a Saudi Arabian national.

One case involved a purchase and lease back agreement of a housing unit located in the Red Sea Governorate concluded between an Italian national and a notable Egyptian company specialized in the field.

One case involved a real estate development agreement concluded between two Egyptian parties related to a hotel.

One case ad hoc case, brought under the UNCITRAL Rules and where the PCA designated CRCICA as appointing authority, related to an agency agreement between an Algerian and an Egyptian company.


The third quarter witnessed the appointment of two arbitrators from Sudan while all the other arbitrators were from Egypt. In implementation of the CRCICA regional diversity policy, one arbitrator from Sudan was appointed by the CRCICA on behalf of a respondent who failed to appoint an arbitrator.


Arbitration proceedings in the third quarter involved parties from Italy, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Egypt. These statistics are conservative, since Non-Egyptian parties do not include Egyptian companies owned or ultimately controlled by foreign shareholders.


Amongst the 13 cases filed in this quarter, three cases were conducted in English, and ten cases were conducted in Arabic.

Throughout this quarter, 19 hearings took place at CRCICA’s hearing facilities, all of which related to cases filed under the CRCICA rules.

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 Published on Sep 30 2018

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