CIArb Branch Chairs Meetings

On 12 October 2021, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Raouf, Branch Chair, represented the Branch at the virtual CIArb Branch Chairs meeting with CIArb key officers including Ms. Catherine Dixon, CIArb Director General and Mr. Jim O’Donnell, Director of IT and Digital Transformation.  Discussions focused on the CIArb campaign to raise membership, increasing membership fees for the sustainability of the CIArb, technology update, CIArb online global calendar, and IT Roadmap.

On 1 December 2021, Dr. Waleed El Nemr, Vice-Chair of the CIArb Egypt Branch, represented the Branch at the last round of virtual CIArb Branch Chairs meetings in 2021.  Discussions approached the November Board of Trustees Meeting, the 2022 annual plans and planning for 2022 training in light of the Education and Training Reform, governance issues relating to the evaluation of the consultation feedback on governance reform and the relevant governance reform appointed organisation to help recruit to sub committees, the 2022 subscriptions and renewals process, and technology update on CIArb Zoom service for branches and CIArb online Global Calendar.

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