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Comparative Commercial Arbitration: Theory and Practice (CCATP): Second Module: The Arbitral Tribunal, Cairo-Egypt,

The Arbitral Tribunal: the second module of the Comparative Commercial Arbitration: Theory and Practice (CCATP), was held on 8-10 June 2014. In this module, “the Arbitral Tribunal” is studied in depth based on a big number of the most recent international court decisions and institutional regulations. Unlike the traditional format of arbitral tribunal programs, which mainly focuses on the composition of tribunals, the program tackled all aspects related to the tribunal including the appointment of arbitrators, the scope and nature of their mission as well as challenge, removal, resignation and replacement of arbitrators. Considerable attention was also given to the rights, obligations and liabilities of arbitrators.

Reference documents included an unprecedented collection of court judgments, published institutional decisions, analytical articles as well as expert commentaries. Participants have had the chance to role play through four mock cases designed to raise and discuss all top issues related to the composition and functioning of the arbitral tribunal, with special emphasis on conflicts of interests including issue conflicts. Thirty practitioners participated in this module in representation of many sectors of businesses and professions.

It is notable that CCATP, organized jointly by CRCICA and CIArb Cairo, has been recognized as a one of the kind program in the region with a simultaneous bilateral tutorial methodology that combines Civil Law and Common Law systems. The four modules of the program are being held separately in a total of 13 days from March through December each year. Upon completion of the program, in its four modules, participants will be eligible to apply for the membership of CRCICA.


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 Training date Jun 08 2014

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