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Dr. Ismail Selim contributed to the book published in honor of Professor Eric Loquin, titled Droit Sans frontières: Mélanges en l’honneur d’Eric Loquin(Law without Borders: Collection in Honor of Eric Loquin) by a Chapter titled “Les règles matérielles adaptées aux besoins de l’arbitrage du commerce international” (“Substantive Rules Adapted to the Needs to International Commercial Arbitration”). The article focused on the important role of substantive rules of law to achieve the autonomy and the validity of the arbitration clause in the French case law, regardless of the law applicable to that clause based on the applicable rules of conflict of laws. The book was dedicated to Professor Eric Loquin, Professor Emeritus at Burgundy University and Former Director of CREDIMI during the closing session of the Colloquium held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the CREDIMI, in acknowledgement of his distinguished contributions and work in various boundless legal areas. The book included contributions by leading practitioners who are Professor Loquin’s students, mentees and colleagues.

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