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CRCICA Launches its New Website

In December 2022, CRCICA announced the launch of its new website designed to serve and guide CRCICA’s users with more information on CRCICA’s activities and services. The Centre thanks all CRCICA’s colleagues who contributed in creating its new website.

With more than 250 pages, CRCICA’s new website displays uniformity, consistency, and ease of referencing for its browser; whilst maintaining CRCICA’s identity in a professional responsive format.   Nearly 80% of the website content is new with some innovative changes and additions to best serve the arbitration community.

The new CRCICA website addresses all types of the browsers’ needs; either for the regular users in the arbitration community, including researchers who seek data or statistics relating to CRCICA, and the new potential user who seeks to learn more about CRCICA’s services in the fields of arbitration and ADR.

Salient innovative changes added to best serve all types of browsers include:

About Us

A new page titled “Services” that includes all the services which CRCICA provides to its users in the other categories.


Arbitration is the most important sector as it includes a new subheading About Arbitration providing guiding information to any new user seeking to learn what is arbitration, why arbitration, and types of arbitration.

Why arbitration at CRCICA is significantly an important heading that incorporates what makes CRCICA unique arbitral institution and manifests its identity and privileges when it comes to arbitration.  The relevant subheadings include CRCICA’s recognition and awards by the African Development Bank Report and the Global Arbitration Review (GAR); including CRCICA’s enrollment on the GAR’s white list. Other subheadings under this section also includes examples relating to the enforceability of CRCICA’s arbitral awards outside the host state where CRCICA is situated (e.g. in France) and in its host state to show case CRCICA’s credibility in having its arbitral awards recognized or enforced.

The new website is tailored to provide a guide to CRCICA’s users or possible users in learning more about a Step-by Step Guide under CRCICA Arbitration Rules from the moment of initiating recourse to arbitration through filing a notice of arbitration until the issuance of the arbitral award.  Detailed steps, for a regular arbitration case, are presented with the relevant article in CRCICA’s Arbitration Rules.

Filing a Notice of Arbitration Online is one of the innovative additions which provides the steps required for filing a Notice of Arbitration online prior to sending the required hard copies to the CRCICA and making sure that. payment of the registration fees is paid either online or by bank transfer to receive a CRCICA Case Number. Filing a Response to the Notice of Arbitration can be made online too.

CRCICA Arbitral Awards is a new section for researchers who wish to learn about CRCICA’s published awards, while maintaining the confidentiality of these awards. The published volumes of the CRCICA Arbitral Awards in the English language and that in the Arabic language are displayed in a pdf format showing the CRCICA case number, date of rendering the arbitral award, bibliographic reference and the relevant website links.

For more information about other interesting sections in the new website, please use the following links:

CRCICA’s Dispute Board (Advantages of CRCICA’s DB)

Audio Visual Collection (Selections of CRCICA’s webinars)


CRCICA’s role in the promotion of arbitration in Egypt and the Afro Asian region & CRCICA’s Series of biennial conferences on “the Role of State Courts in International Arbitration” at Sharm El Sheikh since 2005

CRCICA as the seat of the CIArb Egypt Branch and joint activities

Frequently Asked questions

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 Published on Dec 01 2022

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