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CRCICA Recent Caseload: A Promising Start for Construction Cases

The total number of arbitration cases filed before CRCICA until 31 March 2015 reached 1030 cases. In the first quarter of 2015, 14 new arbitration cases were filed.

CRCICA’s caseload in the first quarter of 2015 involved disputes relating to construction, services, lease agreements, real estate, franchise and agency agreements.

Construction cases rank on top of the cases filed during the first quarter of 2015 with six cases, two of which are subcontracting agreements. The first subcontract covered the external granite cladding and all related works for the chancellery, consulate and staff residence of an Arab State in Cairo. The second subcontract was related to the supply, installation, delivery, testing and ensuring the maintenance of electrical and mechanical works for a hotel project within the Cairo International Airport. The third construction case filed before the Centre related to water service and treatment plant in Damietta, Egypt. The fourth case related to the construction of an industrial and commercial project in Damietta Port. The fifth construction case related to the construction services, finishing and external renovation works of the Biblothequa Alexandrina. The last construction case related to the construction, finishing and electrical works for a factory in Six October City, Giza, Egypt.

Three cases arising out of services contracts were filed in the first quarter of 2015. The first case related to petroleum services covering the removal of deposits and retrieval of crude oil storage tanks in Alexandria, Egypt. The second case related to the furnishing of medical services by a well-known specialized private hospital in Egypt to a North African Arab State. The third case related to the provision of legal consultancy services.

Two cases arising of lease agreements were also filed during the first quarter of 2015. Both agreements related to the lease of two commercial units in a hotel in Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt.

A case arising out of a franchise agreement regarding a well-known brand of coffee shops was also registered in the first quarter of 2015 in addition to other cases relating to an agency agreement pertaining to cosmetics and perfume supply as well as a real estate case regarding a the sale and purchase of a land in Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.

The following pie shows a breakdown of the types of disputed contracts during the first quarter of 2015:


The rich variety of the types of disputed contracts referred to CRCICA in the first quarter of 2015 clearly illustrates the importance of arbitration as a means of dispute settlement and confirms the credibility of institutional arbitration under CRCICA’s auspices.

In the first quarter of 2015, arbitration proceedings involved parties from different countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya and the USA. CRCICA is satisfied to see that its Arbitration Rules have recently been selected by parties from the Middle East, North Africa and the USA.


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 Published on Mar 31 2015

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