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CRCICA second quarter 2018 Caseload & Hearings: A New Record of Female Arbitrators Appointments

The total number of cases filed before CRCICA until 30 June 2018 reached 1261 cases. In the second quarter of 2018, 15 new cases were filed, compared to 12 new cases filed in the second quarter of 2017.

The CRCICA’s caseload in the second quarter of 2018 involved disputes related to oil and gas, subcontracting agreements, a shareholders’ agreement, a timeshare agreement, a hotel management agreement, and a construction agreement.

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Eight cases related to disputes in the field of oil and gas. The first case related to a supply and provision of services agreement between an American company and an English company; the supply of cement, chemicals and the provision of services necessary for the performance of the planned drilling wells in the Gulf of Suez, eastern desert, western desert and Sinai. The seven other cases related to provision of services contracts by virtue of farm-in agreements between the same American company and several Egyptian companies: the provision of cementing and pumping services, the supply of down hole completion equipment and related services, engineering services and dressing for wells, the provision of drilling fluid service.

One case involved a construction agreement between two Egyptian parties. The agreement related to the construction of a new complex (commercial and residential), located in Zagazig. Further, three cases related to subcontracts for civil works. The first case related to an agreement dealing with the installation of a specified type of flooring and screed works for a Mall located in Giza, between an Egyptian company and an Egyptian-Belgian consortium. The second case involved an agreement dealing with the provision of engineering, processing, construction, commissioning and start-up services, by the sub-contractor to the main contractor, both being Egyptian companies. The third case involved an agreement between Egyptian parties, for the provision of supply and installation of marble and granite works at a notable commercial Centre located in New Cairo.

One case involved a dispute over a shareholders’ agreement relating to a stock dividend distribution following the provisions of said agreement concerning a notable hotel in Hurghada.

Two cases relating to hospitality were registered during this second quarter. The first of them related to a timeshare agreement of a unit in a holiday resort located in Red Sea. The second case involved a dispute over a hotel management agreement. The dispute related to a loan agreement to fund the expansion of a touristic resort operated by a notable Egyptian company.

The second quarter witnessed the appointment of arbitrators from Tunisia, UK, Palestine, Jordan, USA, Canada and Egypt. As a part of its gender diversity policy, the CRCICA appointed a notable female arbitrator from Tunisia.


Of the 34 arbitrators appointed in cases registered this quarter, 7 were female arbitrators. The majority were appointed by the parties or by the party-appointed arbitrators as the case may be. In fact, this quarter boasts an all-female arbitral tribunal. The CRCICA notes with satisfaction that this quarter witnessed the highest appointment of female arbitrators in a single quarter in CRCICA’s history. This is especially encouraging in light of the fact that most of such appointments were made by the parties themselves, which shows a significant evolution in the arbitration and corporate communities’ attitude towards greater gender diversity.


Arbitration proceedings in the second quarter involved parties from Egypt, Belgium, the USA and the UK. These statistics are conservative as they do not include Egyptian companies owned or ultimately controlled by non-Egyptian shareholders.


Amongst the 15 cases filed in this quarter, 12 cases were conducted in English while 3 cases were conducted in the Arabic language. This means that in 80% of the cases filed during this quarter, the parties have chosen the English as the language of the proceedings whilst the Arabic was chosen for 20% of the cases.


Throughout this quarter, 25 hearings took place at CRCICA’s hearing facilities. 24 of those hearings related to cases under the CRCICA Rules, while there was at least 1 ad-hoc case.

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 Published on Jun 30 2018

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