Developing Countries and International Law: Confrontation, Contribution, or Acting Behind the Enemy Lines?

On 4 March 2015, Prof. Dr. Georges ABI-SAAB, delivered a lecture entitled “Developing Countries and International Law: Confrontation, Contribution, or Acting Behind the Enemy Lines?”. Prof. Dr. Abi-Saab is Emeritus Professor of International Law at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, and Member of CRCICA’s Board of Trustees, Member of the Institute of International Law, Former Chairman of the Appellate Body of the World Trade, Organization (WTO) and Member of the Administrative Tribunal of the International Monetary Fund and of various international arbitral tribunals (ICSID, ICC, UNCITRAL, CRCICA).

Prof. Abi-Saab probed into the practical effects of international law requirements on developing countries. Exploring the various challenges involved, the lecture examined the ways and means of facing them while striking a balance between globalization requirements and national identity. The Seminar witnessed wide attendance and lively discussions all to the betterment of developing countries participation in the international economic scenery.


 Posted in Seminar
 Event date Mar 04 2015

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