First Workshop in Arabic on: Witness Cross-Examination in International Arbitration

On 16 September 2021, the CIArb Egypt Branch organized jointly with CRCICA the first workshop in Arabic on Witness Cross-Examination in International Arbitration, hosted by CRCICA.  Speakers were Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim, Independent Arbitrator and Founder of Ibrahim ADR (Dubai), Ms. Sara Koleilat-Aranjo, Partner at Al-Tamimi & Company (Dubai), and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Founding Partner and Head of International Arbitration, Construction and Energy Groups at Zulficar & Partners Law Firm and Professor of International Arbitration and Private International Law at Cairo University (Egypt).  The one-day workshop was held physically with a limited number of attendees to ensure social distancing and other precautionary measures.

The workshop programme comprised a number of lectures and a practical training session. Lectures focused on the approaches of the Civil Law and Common Law systems regarding cross-examination of witnesses, the steps to cross-examine witnesses, and the main mistakes that should be avoided to conduct a successful cross-examination. The last session of the workshop included practical training on a mock case. Participants were divided into groups where they played the roles of witnesses, lawyers, and arbitrators.

Participants were lawyers, civil and construction engineers, and academics from Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, and KSA.  They received certificates of attendance at the end of the workshop.  Participants praised the content and organization or the workshop in their posts and comments on social media platforms:

Watch a Wrap-Up video of the Workshop:

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