Lalive Law Firm, Switzerland, 9 February 2018

On 9 February 2018, Dr. Ismail Selim visited LALIVE Law Firm in Geneva and introduced CRCICA’s background, services, rules of transparency and neutrality as well as recent caseload and international events.  Attendees were members of the Firm’s Arbitration Practice Group, representatives of the Zurich Office as well as Mr. Joachim Knoll, Partner at Lalive, former member of the Arbitration Court of the Swiss Chambers' Arbitration Institution.   Discussions involved the effect of the Arab Spring on CRCICA’s caseload, the scope of BITs where the CRCICA arbitration clause was inserted as well as the investment arbitration cases administered by CRCICA. Special attention was lent to the findings of the assessment report of the African Development bank (AFDB) 2014   prepared by LALIVE Partner, Dr. Werner Jahne where CRCICA was recognized as one of the best arbitration centres across Africa and Elsewhere. According to the Report, CRCICA fulfills the AFDB’s requirement of neutrality even in cases of commonality of origin between one of the parties to the arbitration and the state in which the Centre is located, i.e. Egypt.

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