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Mediation of Construction Disputes: The Role of the Legal advisor

On 29 October 2015, a Mediation Breakfast Seminar titled “Mediation of Construction Disputes: The Role of the Legal advisor” was delivered by Eng. Aisha Nadar, Consultant at Advokatfirman Runeland AB, and Member, FIDIC Updates Task Group 1999 Suite. Following an introduction to mediation of construction disputes, the speech proved how the role of legal advisors is central to the success of mediation before, during and after it. Legal Advisors help clients prepare for and participate in mediation. The preparatory phase in particular was so creatively analyzed tackling the strategy of the case preparation as well as the preparation of clients themselves and the management of their own expectations. The seminar was delivered in an interactive format, and was attended by representatives of many professional sectors and stakeholders.

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 Published on Oct 29 2015

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