One Year of Training at CRCICA

CRCICA was pleased to highlight the solid training performance, reflecting back upon a year of training at CRCICA as per the recommendation of its BoT to increase the number training courses provided by CRCICA.

One of CRCICA’s aims during 2022 was the community’s growth through improving the level of awareness of the ADR methods to settle disputes, while still focusing on our arbitration practice. Moreover enhancing the skills in different areas of expertise and motivating our participants, who chose to be trained by CRCICA, in performing with efficiency, reaching higher levels of performance and maintaining successful professional development through the planning, organizing, and hosting of some significant trainings that built the blocks in place.

To watch the video of the trainings during 2022 , please click the link below:

 Posted in Training
 Training date Dec 31 2022

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