Quarterly Meeting of CRCICA Advisory Committee, 21 October 2017

  The CRCICA Advisory Committee (AC) held its quarterly meeting on 21 October, 2017. The meeting was attended by 6 out of 15 members; Counsellor Amin ELMAHDI (Chairman), Prof. Dr. Mohamed Salah ABDEL WAHAB, Judge. Dr. Borhan AMRALLAH, Dr. Karim HAFEZ, and Ms. Rabab YASSEEN who attended remotely via a conference call, Professor Nassib ZIADÉ sent his written comments on the Agenda’s items. In representation of CRCICA Dr. Ismail Selim, Director and Dr. Dalia Hussein, Deputy Director also attended the meeting. Among other agenda items, members discussed possible interpretations of a decision of the Egyptian Court of Cassation on the Challenge of Arbitrators and it was recommended to publish a relevant explanatory article in the coming issue of the CRCICA-sponsored Journal of Arab Arbitration. The first 2018 AC meeting was scheduled for 18 January.
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