Reflections on CRCICA Practice Notes

On 8 October 2015, Mr. Tewfik Shihata, Principal, SHEHATA, Attorneys at Law, delivered a speech entitled “Reflections on CRCICA Practice Notes”, in which he commented on CRCICA’s Practice Notes, issued in June 2014, out of a practitioner’s perspective. Attended by a variety of professionals, the speech was followed by a CRCICA commentary and lively discussions.

It is notable that CRCICA Practice Notes govern the discretional role of the Centre as well as its policies regarding eight important decisions under CRCICA’s Arbitration Rules including the application of Article 10(3) of the Rules regarding multiparty arbitrations and its correlation with Article 9(2); the Centre’s decision not to proceed with arbitral proceedings (Article 6); the termination of already suspended arbitral proceedings, the determination of the costs of arbitration in case of the termination of proceedings before the issuance of a final award. The Practice Notes are available in Arabic and English on CRCICA’s website at the following link:

icon pdf CRCICA Practice Notes JUNE 2014 (English version)
icon pdf CRCICA Practice Notes JUNE 2014 (Arabic version)

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 Event date Oct 08 2015

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