The Belt and Road Arbitration Initiative: Conference and Signing of a Cooperation Agreement, 9 May 2017


CRCICA participated in organizing the Conference on the “Belt and Road Arbitration Initiative” on 9th May 2017, jointly with the Beijing Arbitration Commission /Beijing International Arbitration Center (the “BAC/BIAC”) and the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (the “KLRCA”). The Conference was hosted by BAC/BIAC in Beijing, China. Parallel to the Conference, a Symposium on “Investment Environment and Dispute Resolution in Malaysia and Egypt” was successfully held.

Mr. Lin Zhiwei, Secretary General of the BAC/BIAC, Dr. Sundra Rajoo, Director of the KLRCA, and Dr. Ismail Selim, Director of CRCICA delivered the opening speeches. Dr. Selim’s speech, delivered in Chinese, focused on CRCICA’s long experience, and highlighted its neutrality and independence. He also stressed on the Centre’s continuing developments in order to meet the users’ needs and provide better and faster dispute settlement services. Following the opening speeches, Dr. Ismail Selim, Mr. Lin Zhiwei, and Dr. Datuk Sundra Rajoo signed the B&R Arbitration Initiative Cooperation Agreement on behalf of their respective institutions.

The Symposium on “Investment Environment and Dispute Resolution in Malaysia and Egypt” was successfully held next to the B & R Conference. The Symposium included an introductory speech on the legal framework of investment and arbitration in Egypt by Dr. Khaled Attia; Partner, Sarie-Eldin & Partners Law Firm. Dr. Attia presented an overview on “The Investment Climate in Egypt” where he approached the recent developments in the economic and legal fields and their positive impact on investment opportunities in Egypt and added that the growing largescale infrastructure projects in Egypt offer numerous opportunities for cooperation between China and Egypt. Dr. Selim then introduced a speech on Egyptian laws and local courts’ support to commercial arbitration shedding light on controversial issues in international arbitration such as the attractiveness of the seat of arbitration.

The Conference ended with the closing remarks by Mr. Liu Zhengang, Director of the Legal Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal Government.



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 Published on May 09 2017

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