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Training for the Ganope Employees’

In January 2022, CRCICA, in partnership with the South Valley Egyptian Petroleum Holding Company (Ganope) successfully conducted a professional first-class training for the employees of Ganope.

The training took the form of 2 rounds of interactive sessions for 5 consecutive days for the first round followed by another 5 consecutive days for the second round and was delivered by Dr. Ismail Selim, Mr. Yasser Mansour, Mr. Mohamed Abdellatif, and Engineer Nagy Iskander.

The training delivered upon three distinct modules related to the concession agreement, covered the procedures and justifications for offering the bid for exploration areas and the financial and technical evaluation, together with the steps of concluding the agreements and highlighting the foreign partner commitments and role during the exploration and research phases, while focusing as well on the commercial procedures and implementation.The Training has also tackled the drafting of arbitration clauses as well as the arbitration procedures.

The training was principally held at Ganope’s premises, while CRCICA hosted the participants for a couple of days at its own premises, during which the trainers delivered a presentation and discussion on how to avoid the legal and technical disputes that may arise.


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 Training date Jan 28 2022

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