The Third Course on: The Contract and the Rules of Responsibility and Evidence

(Equivalent to CIArb Module 1: Law of Obligations and Civil Evidence)

CRCICA organized jointly with the CIArb Egypt Branch, for the third time, Module 1: Law of Obligations and Civil Evidence under the customized thematic approach “The Contract and the Rules of Responsibility and Evidence” during the week of 22 to 29 October 2018. This tailored course stroke a unique balance between local and regional practices and jurisdictions on one side and international law and practices on the other. The Course was tutored by Dr. Ismail Selim, CRCICA Director, Dr. Dalia Hussein, CRCICA Deputy Director. Professor Dr. Mohamed Shukry Sorour, Professor of Civil Law, Vice-Dean and Former Head of Civil Law Department, Faculty of Law- Cairo University gave a special session on construction contracts and construction disputes.

34 Participants from Egypt and Jordan attended the course. The majority of the attendees were specialists in the construction industry.

As in previous courses, the curriculum included: (I) General Introduction to Law- Sources of Obligations- Making of Contracts- Terms of Contracts; (II) Privity of contract- Interpretation of contract- performance- remedies for breach- Termination; (III) Tort and Evidence Law. The program also addressed a general introduction to law, explained the meaning of the legal rule and the hierarchy of norms, and focused on contract law and evidence law from a civil law perspective. The program also addressed tort law, as well as elements of liability for tort and for breach of contract. These issues were addressed from a comparative perspective.

The 5-day course was followed by an assessment consisting of various section, including questions and complicated mock cases. Assessment aimed at showing candidates’ level of understanding as well as their ability to present and express their views in law of obligations, evidence and tort law as well as to apply the knowledge they acquired to analyze facts and legal issues and to suggest the best solutions for them.

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