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Three Foundational Mediation Training Courses in Alexandria and Cairo

Noting the importance of spreading the Mediation knowledge as an important amicable tool to settle disputes, CRCICA organized three rounds of Foundational Mediation Training courses. The courses were conducted respectively on 15-16 November 2020 in Alexandria, and on 18-19 and 22- 23 November 2020 at CRCICA’s premises in Cairo. The trainings were delivered by Mr. Fehmi Karami, Mediator, International Arbitrator, and Trainer on Mediation (Lebanon) and Ms. Fatma Ibrahim, Mediation Special Advisor at CRCICA. Dr. Ismail Selim, Director of CRCICA, gave the opening speech of the trainings.
The trainings attracted a wide audience spectrum comprised of lawyers, judges, university professors, diplomatic, engineers, and high-level business executives. The trainings covered fundamental concepts of mediation (12 hours interactive training on the Basics to Mediation) – such as the difference between mediation and other types of dispute resolution, negotiation styles, the mediation process, mediator’s duties, etc. The training received a high satisfaction rate and will be followed in 2021 with an Intermediate Training round.

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 Training date Nov 18 2020

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