Update on the Prevention Principle in UK Law: Is There a Role for Good Faith?

On 25 February 2020, the CIArb Egypt Branch jointly with CRCICA organized a seminar titled: “Update on the Prevention Principle in UK Law: Is There a Role for Good Faith?” The speaker was Mr. David Christie, Academic Strategic Lead at the Law School,Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK, and Chair of the Northern Chapter of the Scottish Branch of the CIArb. The seminar was moderated by Dr. Waleed El Nemr, Contracts Director, Hill International (Africa) Ltd, Vice Chairman & Education and Training Officer, CIArb (Egypt Branch).

The speaker focused on the differences between the jurisdictions of England-Wales and Scotland and approached as well the interesting topic of concurrent delays. Interactive discussions followed the speech outlining concepts such as “time at large” and the often-debatable topic of time bar clauses in the UK and Egyptian jurisdictions. Participants were from Egypt, Iraq and Japan represented law firms, private and public sector companies (construction in particular), and academics.

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