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(CCATP): First Module: The Arbitration Agreement

Held by CRCICA and CIArb Cairo, the 2013 round of the Comparative Arbitration Law: The Theory and Practice (CCATP) started on 3-5 March 2013 by the First Module: The Arbitration Agreement. The course was a balanced combination of lectures and tutorials. It provided participants with sufficient knowledge of the theory and practice in all the requirements for the writing and understanding of the arbitration agreement. Attendees were a mixture of lawyers, judges, engineers and governmental officials. Upon completion of the course, participants were invited to progress onto the composition of the arbitral tribunal Module scheduled to be held on 2-5 June 2013.

CCATP has been recognized as a one of the kind program in the region with a bilateral tutorial methodology that combines both systems the civil law and common law systems. The four modules of the program are held separately in a total of 14 days from March through December 2013. Upon completion of the program, in its four modules, participants will be eligible to apply for the soon-to-open membership of CRCICA.


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 Training date Mar 03 2013

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