CMAC Holds a Symposium Event with a Pre-Recorded Video Speech by the Director of CRCICA

On 16th July 2021, the event "China High-Level Dialogue on Maritime and Commercial Arbitration" took place in Beijing China, hosted by China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC), in which CRCICA collaborated, along with a few other arbitration institutions. Chinese and foreign legal experts discussed topics such as the choice of seat and the latest development of maritime dispute resolutions in the post-pandemic era as well as the practice and system innovation of arbitration institutions. Speakers at the event included representatives from the Chinese Ministry of Justice, Chinese Supreme Court, and other major organizations.

The director of the CRCICA, Dr. Ismail Selim was invited to attend the event as a panelist of the session Commercial Arbitration by delivering the speech Introduction of CRCICA’s latest developments and innovative practices and mechanisms of arbitration institutions in the post-pandemic era. Dr. Selim first made an introduction to the audiences of the CRCICA regarding its character as independent non-profit international organisation, its range in the MENA region, and the long history of its developments, furthermore he introduced the management and working structures of CRCICA with the engagement of well-known Chinese legal professionals. By having participated in a number of events held by Chinese institutions so far, many Chinese legal professionals and companies get the chance to know more about the CRCICA and it is to be expected that the CRCICA will play a significant role as an arbitration centre for Chinese users in the MENA region.

The global supply chains and industry chains are affected by the COVID-19. Trade and investments activities are still low-going. As a result, disputes in aspect of maritime business, trades, and investments raise instantly. In the panel session, many legal experts share the opinion that the COVID accelerates the digitalisation of maritime arbitrations in order to serve the international trade better. CRCICA is also developing its technologies to meet the upcoming trend of international commercial arbitration.

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