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Paris-based International Law Firms, France, 13 March 2018

On 13 March 2018, and within the context of introducing CRCICA to the French legal community, CRCICA Director visited four distinguished Law Firms in Paris; Salès, Testu, Hill, Henry-Gaboriau & Associés, Reed Smith Law Firm, FTMS Avocats, and Teynier Pic Law Firm.  The meetings were attended by a number of partners and lawyers representing the four Law Firms: Prof.  François-Xavier Testu, Partner, Mr. Steven Mérino Partner  (Salès, Testu, Hill, Henry-Gaboriau). Prof. Hadi Slim, Law Professor at François-Rabelais University “Tours”, also attended. Ms. Ana Atallah, Partner and Vice-President of the Scientific Committee for Arbitration of the Franco-Arab System “Center of Mediation and Arbitration of the Franco-Arab Chamber of Commerce” (Reed Smith Law Firm), Dr. Marc Henry, Partner (FTMS Avocats) and President of the  French Arbitration Association (“AFA”), and Ms. Laurence Kiffer, Partner, Member of the International Association of Lawyers and Member of the editorial committee of Cahiers de l’arbitrage (Teynier Pic Law Firm).

Interesting topics were discussed during the visits focusing on CRCICA background, caseload, recent recognitions and activities.  Special attention was given to the GAR Arbitration Costs Compared Study (GAR Review – January 2018) where CRCICA was the sole representative of Africa and one of only two arbitration centres representing the MENA Region in this Study.  Also, the FTMS Avocats visit approached future cooperation between CRCICA and AFA in organizing future joint events and the support of the use of the French language in international arbitration.

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 Published on Mar 13 2018

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