CIArb Egypt Branch quarterly Committee Meeting

On 20 October 2019, CRCICA hosted the quarterly meeting of the CIArb Egypt Branch Committee. At the onset of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Abdel Raouf, the Branch Chairman, asked the members to kindly stand a minute of silence mourning the loss of Mrs. Wissam El Molla, Branch Secretary, and Eng. Tamer Nabieh, Branch Honorary Treasurer. Afterwards, members discussed preparing a service agreement between the Branch and CRCICA (the Branch seat) and drafting a Branch mentorship program. Members mandated Dr. El Nemr, Education and Training Officer, to invite Egyptian tutors, who are interested in teaching CIArb adjudication pathway courses, to apply for CIArb approval. Members also discussed future activities, in particular, organizing Wednesday One seminars on the Egyptian judiciary and the New York Convention, claimsmanship, and the Egyptian new tender law.

After reviewing the Branch Rules, the Committee decided to assume the role of Honorary Treasurer to Dr. Ismail Selim, and the role of Branch Secretary to Dr. Waleed El Nemr (in addition to their roles as Branch Vice Chairmen) until the upcoming AGM in April 2020.

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