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CRCICA Caseload: Fourth Quarter of 2017

The total number of cases filed before CRCICA until 31 December 2017 reached 1226 cases. In the fourth quarter of 2017, 22 new cases were filed compared to 30 new cases filed in the fourth quarter of 2016.

The Centre’s caseload in the fourth quarter of 2017 involved disputes related to media and entertainment, construction, contracts for works, management agreements, lease agreements, purchase agreements, agreements for supply of services, share purchase agreements and sub-license agreements.

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Five cases related to media and entertainment. Two cases involved disputes arising of contracts for the production of TV series. The first case involved an Egyptian and a Lebanese company, while the second case involved two Egyptian companies.

The three remaining cases related to disputes arising out of contracts for frequencies’ allocation between a leading Arab satellite service provider and three companies from Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Sudan.

Three cases related to financial leasing. The first two cases included an Egyptian company whose shareholders are from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates and two other Egyptian companies. The third case involved an Egyptian company and an Egyptian natural person.

One construction case involved a contract for the design and construction of a wastewater treatment station in Abu-Qir located in Alexandria, Egypt, by a consortium of two Egyptian companies, one of which is owned by German shareholders.

Five cases related to contracts for works. The first case arose out of a contract for the maintenance of a building in Alexandria.

The second case involved a dispute arising out of a contract between a major Egyptian contracting company and a medical association for the maintenance of the building owned by the medical association in al-Daqahliya, Egypt.

The third case arose out of a contract between a Spanish company and an Egyptian Gas company for the repair and maintenance of a gas station located in Giza, Egypt. The fourth case related to a contract for the maintenance of a theatre located in Cairo, and involved Egyptian Companies.

The fifth case related to a contract for implementation of electromechanical works between two Egyptian companies.

Two cases related to disputes arising out of contracts for management of companies. The first case involved Saudi and Egyptian nationals, while the second case involved two Egyptian companies, one of which has Saudi shareholders.

Two cases related to purchase agreements. The first involved charcoal purchase agreements between two Egyptian and Spanish companies and an Egyptian natural person. The second dispute involved a transfer of ownership rights between Egyptian natural persons.

Two cases related to supply of services. The first case involved Egyptian companies, while the second case involved Italian and Egyptian companies and related to a telesales services supply agreement.

One case arose out of a share purchase agreement between a French Joint stock company and Egyptian companies and natural persons.

One case related to a trademark sub-licensing agreement involving an Egyptian company licensed, by a U.S company.

The fourth quarter witnessed the appointment of arbitrators from, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, the United States and Egypt. In implementation of the CRCICA’s regional diversity policy, a notable arbitrator from Sudan was appointed as co-arbitrator in a case filed during the fourth quarter and where the CRCICA was requested to act as an appointing authority.

Image 2018 07 12 16 25 9 791744

Arbitration proceedings in the fourth quarter involved parties from Egypt, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, UAE, Sudan, Spain and France.

Image 2018 07 12 15 34 55 531035

Amongst the 22 cases filed in this quarter, six cases were conducted in English.

Image 2018 07 12 15 37 8 116781

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 Published on Dec 31 2017

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