CRCICA Featured in China-Africa Dispute Settlement

China-Africa Dispute Settlement: The Law, Economics and Culture of Arbitration is a 2012 Wolters Kluwer Publication by Won Kidane that provides comparative analysis of the dispute resolution methods available at the major arbitral European, American, Asian and African institutions, including the CRCICA.
In an introductory estimation of the Centre’s performance, the author believes that the Cairo Centre is tooled with “elaborate infrastructure” to provide arbitration and other ADR services under its own arbitration and ADR Rules. The book adopts a comparative approach towards the basic features of the various international institutional arbitration rules. On handling the degree of the impartiality of arbitrators in the centres under examination, it was pointed out that “the Cairo Center Rules as to arbitrators appointment, impartiality and independence are more elaborate than usual, with a total of nine provisions dedicated to this issue”.
Focusing on China-Africa dispute settlement, which is the main theme of the Book, the Rules and practices of the Cairo Centre are seen to be reasonably operable: “more interestingly, 11% of the cases filed (during the reported period) involved at least one Chinese party, which is second only to parties from Germany”.

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 Published on Mar 31 2012

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