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CRCICA on the White List of the GAR’s Guide to Regional Arbitration and considered as “the current class of the field”

In a recent guide published by the Global Arbitration Review (GAR): Guide to Regional Arbitration Centres (April 2013), CRCICA is enrolled in a white list as one of four regional institutions in the Middle East and North Africa that are worth a closer look and worth considering for the right case.

The study sends a message of acceptance of the inevitable role of regional arbitral players standing against the monopolization of international arbitration by major providers. However, according to the authors of the Guide, users should be able to pick the good out and this is said to be the target of their study.

In the Middle East and North Africa Region, CRCICA is marked as an institution that is worth considering among three other institutions.

According to the Guide, CRCICA’s particular strengths are the quality of its directors, the solidness of its organization and the fact that it has been operating for long enough to have encountered most situations at least once. It is seen as “the current class of the field”. Among other aspects, the study recognized the Centre as highly affordable, as having new rules that help to counteract local worst practice and also as somehow providing enforcement advantage.

For more information: Guide to Regional Arbitration 2013, “Institutions worth a closer look, Middle East and North Africa”, Global Arbitration Review, pp. 27-31).


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 Published on Apr 30 2013

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