Emerging Issues in Africa’s Evolving Arbitration Scene” Nairobi, Kenya

On 24-25 July 2018, an interactive Workshop on: “Emerging Issues in Africa’s Evolving Arbitration Scene” was organized in Nairobi, Kenya by the Africa Legal Network (ALN) Academy in collaboration with Anjarwalla & Khanna|ALN Kenya and JMiles & Co, with the support of Microsoft. The event was a representation of the capacity of the continent of Africa to highlight the role of arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism for Africa’s energy and infra-structural development and cross border commercial activities and the need to accelerate the enhancement of African arbitral centres in terms of process design and implementation, the raising of profile and the execution of services.

Dr. Selim presented the keynote address on: Emerging issues in Africa’s evolving arbitration scene. The speech focused on the traditional forms of arbitration and mediation in Africa and the role of the AALCO Centres in developing arbitration in Africa and Asia concluding that African states should use ADR including arbitration, not only to attract foreign investments, but also to develop their own institutions, enhance their legislative and administrative framework, enhance transparency and due process, promote the arbitral justice on both the domestic and international levels and ultimately respect of the rule of law. CRCICA Director also contributed to a panel discussion in the second day where he focused on CRCICA’s use of technology in arbitration which includes high-tech video conference facilities, remote hosting of witnesses, remote stenography….etc.

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