NBA 58th Annual General Conference on: Transition, Transformation and Sustainable Institutions, Abuja, Nigeria

In its August 2018 regional outreach, CRCICA contributed to featuring the role of sustainable institutions in building the future of Africa during the 58th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association themed Transition, Transformation and Sustainable Institutions held in Abuja on 26-30 August 2018. In the “Access to Arbitral Justice” Session, Dr. Selim emphasized the relation between the infrastructural efficiency of arbitration institutions and the realization of arbitral justice. The speech focused on CRCICA’s institutional framework, services, caseload, recent activities and recognitions, the recently applied digital solutions that facilitate arbitration proceedings, hence supporting accessibility to arbitral justice.

 The Conference addressed Africa’s need for sustainable institutions to manage socio-economic, technological and political transitions and transformations and the role various stakeholders can play in ensuring peaceful and successful conversions.

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